What is eye.t?

eye.t combines the main interests of its two founders: Leveraging IT to organize and optimize our environment as it grows more complex every day, while providing aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly experiences.

We strive to fuse efficient use of technology and a high level of usability to create a product that is even better than you envisioned.
Whether you are looking for a web site, some fresh business cards or an exhaustive Corporate Identity overhaul: Your appearance is the biggest factor in determining how customers associate with your business.


The founders

As full-time students at Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering in Potsdam, Germany, we are constantly surrounded by the newest trends and concepts in information technology. We want to help small and medium-sized businesses by passing these innovative impulses on to them.

What is the Vision?

We consider it substantial to make new means of presentation accessible to everyone. You should be able to utilize the entire spectrum of currently available technologies to your benefit, but independent of your technological know-how.

We offer simple, intuitive solutions that are heavily customized to your needs, yet easy to administrate.
We also offer comprehensive consulting, so that you may focus on your essential Message while we handle everything else.
Technical details, concepts, standards compliance, media design, information architecture, databases and much more: eye.t vision is your reliable business partner.