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Working From Home?

TVI’s @ Home

Learn to implement a new way to make and share accessible documents with your students from home!

Google Products and Screen Readers

Trying to use Google Drive with a Screen Reader? View a full lesson to get you started. In partnership with APH, and Paths to Literacy.

The 3 Methods of Navigation

View a complete lesson on navigating the internet using a screen reader. To Follow along, see our NVDA Cheat Sheet.


How to Not be Awkward: Step One

How to Not be Awkward: Step One

Let's Begin At eye.t we strongly believe in a solid partnership between the vision field (vision professionals) and the vision community (people who have visual impairments). As such, as we release new content related to AT, we also want to provide you with multiple perspectives on what it is like...

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Rethinking Keyboarding

Rethinking Keyboarding

Sometimes, we do things just because we don’t know what else to do. For example, we’re in quarantine and suddenly everyone’s house is clean. Don’t know what to do? Clean the house. It’s the same in the vision field. The Common Issue When I started my first job, I was given a 5th and 6th grade...

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Life with an Invisible Disability

Life with an Invisible Disability

For some that know me, the fact that I have low vision may come as a surprise. It’s a luxury that many of us with invisible disabilities have. We have control over who knows we have a disability and who does not know. My Experience It wasn’t always like this for me. In high school, I was marked by...

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What Makes Us Different?


and we bring that to our trainings instead of long, boring lectures, we make sure that our training includes all of the things included in a good lesson.


we believe in creating a company with low overhead so that we you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars getting another degree or going to a conference. All of our training is affordable on a teacher’s salary.


which means we know what you need to learn. We know what your frustrations are because we live them every day.


Teacher Shaming is not in our DNA. Come to us with whatever experience you bring to the table.


We believe our training is so user friendly that you can watch a module and teach the skill 10 minutes later. No planning, no problem.

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    Who Am I?

    Cody Laplante

    Cody Laplante

    TVI, Special Ed, Assistive Tech

    Cody Laplante is currently serving as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments for Baltimore County Public Schools.  He specializes in teaching screen readers to students with visual impairments, and through various positions, has taught consulted and trained teachers on how to effectively implement A.T into a student’s life.