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Can your students use a computer?

For professionals serving people with visual impairments, the answer is usually “no”. Well we may have a solution…
What We Do

If your student doesn’t know how to use a computer, they are behind.


What Do We Do?

FREE YouTube Content

Visit our Channel for weekly videos teaching YOU new skills in 10 minutes or less.

Online Courses

(Coming Soon)

Video Courses with an IEP goal, Student Project and CEU’s, all to help you get your students onto a computer.

Our Vision

We believe that all people with visual impairments have the ability to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE and CONTRIBUTE to their communities.


That will only happen if YOU get quality Assistive Technology training.


Who Are We?

Cody Laplante

Cody Laplante

TVI, Special Ed, Assistive Tech

Cody Laplante is currently serving as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments for a local school district in central Maryland. He specializes in teaching screen readers to students with visual impairments, and through various positions, has taught consulted and trained teachers on how to effectively implement A.T into a student’s life.

Katrina Best

Katrina Best

TVI, CATIS, CVRT, Orientation and Mobility

Katrina Best is currently serving as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments and Orientation and Mobility Instructor for a local school district in southwest Florida. She specializes in providing assitstive technology trainings for school districts as well as one on one and group classes for senior citizens in Florida.