A2 - Getting Started

A2 - Getting Started


A: Video - Lesson Structure

B - Objectives

The objectives covered in this course are listed below. For more information, download our Screen Reader Skills Progression.

Students will:

1.1 be able to turn on and off the screen reader.

1.2 be able to utilize modifier keys such as ctrl, alt and shift to enter a modified key command. eg: Ctrl + Left Arrow

1.5 be able to access documents, open and close programs, and will be able to navigate easily to the desktop.

1.6 Be able to switch program focus.

3.1 be able to define common element types on the internet such as Headings, Buttons, Links, Tables as well as text.

3.2 be able to identify each element by type.

3.3 Be able to navigate to the address bar.

3.4 be able to Use the “Tab” key to navigate to the next clickable object (Shift Tab for previous) (METHOD 1) 

3.5 be able to navigate by “Quick Keys” (h for heading, b for button, v, and u for link) (METHOD 2)

3.6 be able to use Elements Lists on a website to navigate by element type (METHOD 3)

C - Lesson Plan Template


1: Video - Getting Started

2: Video - Which Screen Reader Should I Choose?

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