A.3. Through The Magnifying Glass

A.3. - Through the Magnifying Glass


Activity A: Video - Our Paired Text


Activity 1: Video - Through the Magnifying Glass Introduction

Directions: Watch the video below to read the first chapter of "Through the Magnifying Glass".

Activity 2: Video - Through the Magnifying Glass - Chapter 1

Activity 3: Download The Book

After watching the video, download your copies of "Through the Magnifying Glass" and "Julia's Journal" below. Both copies are given in Microsoft Word documents. See below for specific directions.

To Read in Microsoft Word

  1. Click the link below to download each resource. (Tab)
  2. Once downloaded, click the download link at the bottom of your browser. (F6)
  3. Enter the password "Patterns2". This is needed each time you open the file.
  4. Save on a flash drive or on your computer for your student to read with their screen reader.

To Read in Google Docs

  1. Click the link below to access the Google Doc.
  2. Request access to edit the Doc (this may take up to 24 hours for us to process).
  3. Go to "File" then "Make a Copy". (Alt + F)
  4. Rename and add the copy to your Google Drive.

Remember, this is a copyrighted work. We are taking a risk in allowing it to be open-source so that our students can have full access. Please do your part to make that risk worth our effort. Do not share this with anyone but your students.

If you need assistance, leave a comment below.

PAIRED TEXT: "Through the Magnifying Glass"

Google Docs: Through the Magnifying Glass - Frankie Ann Marcille


Google Docs - Julia's Journal

Activity 4: Directions - Julia’s Journal - Chapter 1

With your teacher's assistance, read "Julia's Introduction" on page 4 and complete "Chapter 1" in Julia's Journal.

Activity 1: Questions - Julia has asked you some questions to help her get to know you better. Answer the questions as best as you can with your teacher's assistance.

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