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Connect with Vision Professionals!

Join the AT for VI Professionals Facebook Group: Connect, learn, and engage with others from the vision field and discuss assistive technology.

Your Instructor

Cody M. Laplante M.S.Ed, TVI is a certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. With a Master's degree in Assistive Technology, Cody has worked for the past 5 years revolutionizing how assistive technology is taught in the field of blindness and visual impairments. With a focus on learning theory, and instructional coaching, Cody's personal vision is to live in a world in which all people with visual impairments can use a computer.

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Live Instruction

We want to make sure our services fit your needs, if you are requesting live training, sign up for a FREE 15-minute Consultation Below.

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Direct Instruction

Do you need someone to teach your child JAWS? Are you a school district looking to outsource AT instructin? Do you, yourself need to learn to use a screen reader? We can tailor our Direct Instruction to your needs.

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Teacher Training

On topics ranging from Screen Reader Instruction, to Assistive Technology Assessments to Customized, Caseload-specific training, we bring a thoughtful outside perspective to the needs of your program.

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Materials Preparation

Whether it is an electronic survey or a pesky pdf, we can convert any materials you have to an accessible format, or can work with you learn to convert materials yourself.