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Using the Internet With JAWS pic
Cheat Sheets for Chromevox, NVDA and JAWS

Our famous NVDA and JAWS Cheat Sheets have been a hit. Now, exclusively with this course, you can get our Chromevox Cheat Sheet. All are in pdf, docx, and brf formats.

Screen Reader Progression
Screen Reader Skills Progression 2.0

Newly edited, our screen reader skills progression shows you where to begin with your learner. Whether they are just beginning, or an advanced user, this scope and sequence gives you every objective you need for lessons or IEP's.

Lesson Brainstorming
Lesson Brainstorming Worksheet

This Worksheet gives the structure for an awesome screen reader lesson. Use the 4 guiding principles in every screen reader lesson you teach AND give your lessons a predictable structure. Soon your learner will be on their way to computer literacy.

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Coming October 1st, 2020