What will you learn?

hands on a braille display

Working with Text will feature all of the skills needed to read, write, edit and format documents with a screen reader... even if your learner has never touched one before.

Key Questions include...

  1. What are modifier keys?
  2. What are reading commands?
  3. Which reading command do I use when?
  4. How do I navigate a document by headings?
  5. How do I know where my cursor is?
  6. Should I delete or backspace?
  7. How do I bold, underline or italicize text?
  8. How do I make lists?
  9. How do I copy and paste?

And... you get an exclusive children's novel

Through the Magnifying Glass

by Frankie Ann Marcille and illustrated by Patrick Regan

“Sometimes even the greatest detective needs to look through the magnifying glass..”

Julia is just your average middle schooler. She loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, and listening to music or podcasts- she especially loves listening to old school Sherlock Holmes radio shows on Youtube. But Julia doesn’t feel like one. Having a vision impairment sometimes makes her feel like she doesn’t fit in anywhere- she’s not totally bind, but she’s not sighted either. Her family and teachers for the blind encourage her to use adaptive devices like a white cane or assistive technology like a screen reader to help her, but Julia has no interest. She wants to be just like everyone else- specifically her older brother, John. Town hero, most popular guy in high school, mystery solving,John. 

When Cooperstown, New York is hit with another major mystery, everyone turns to John and his three best friends to solve the case. But as the mystery unfolds, they all realize that they are “looking” in all the wrong places. Will Julia rise to the challenge, accept the help she maybe needs, and use it to bring her brother and his friends through the magnifying glass?

The Screen Reader Curriculum

Part 1:

Working with Text

You and your learner will learn 8 key command patterns that will teach you the basics of reading, writing and editing text anywhere on the computer with any screen reader!

Part 2:

Basic Internet Navigation

With our 3 methods of internet navigation, your learner will gain the tools to access 99% of the accessible web.

We believe that computer literacy is just as important as braille literacy

and now you have a way to teach it.

Who is this course for?

Working with Text is for any professional or parent who has a learner that needs to learn JAWS, NVDA or Chromevox and doesn't know where to start! This course is will provide you a step by step guide to teaching your learner using state of the art instructional practices.

Which screen reader does this curriculum cover?

Guess what? Many common screen readers are more alike than you think. In fact, the most common screen readers, JAWS, NVDA and Chromevox utilize the exact same command structure, so why not teach all of them? In each module, we introduce a concept and then provide a in-depth discussions of how the concept applies to JAWS, NVDA and Chromevox.

Do I HAVE to learn all three screen readers?

Yes, feel free to take it slow. Learn one at a time if you need to, but YES! In order to complete this course, you need to learn JAWS, NVDA, and Chromevox. Why? Because it's important to have more than one tool in that toolbox, and once you start learning, you will see how similar they are!

What will my student learn using this course?

In this course, your learner will learn the key concepts behind reading, writing and editing text including:

  • Reading Commands
  • Navigating Documents with Headings
  • Cursor Placement
  • Deleting and Backspacing
  • Selecting Text
  • Formatting Commands

We not only teach you the key commands for each concept, but we teach you WHY certain key commands are the way they are and WHEN to use one method over another.

Can I just purchase the student edition for my student?

Absolutely, that is why the student and instructor editions are sold separately. However, with a linked instructor edition, you'll get:

  • Access to all the student materials with your own account.
  • Email notifications with test and quiz scores.
  • Lesson plans and data sheets.
  • 20+ Instructional videos that review teaching techniques for screen reader instruction.

There is no replacement for instruction from an actual teacher, and your investment can make all the difference in getting your learner engaged in this really important content.

How is this training delivered?

This is an asynchronous curriculum. That means you will have all of the information you need at your fingertips when you need it. Now that doesn't mean you'll have to sit through hours of boring videos. Each video shows 1 concept only and is less than 10 minutes. That way, you can watch a video during your lunch, during your planning period... or whenever.

How long will I have to complete this course.

You can have as much time as you need. You'll have access to this course forever... that means if you need to teach a student to use a screen reader again, in 2, 5 or 10 years, you'll have this curriculum to use.